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How to choose the right real estate agent for you

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Your real estate agent has a significant impact on the real estate process, regardless if you’re buying or selling a home. It only makes sense to start your real estate journey on the right path by hiring a realtor that suits your needs perfectly. Here’s a list of qualities to keep in mind as you search for the Southern Oregon Coast real estate agent that’s right for you.

  1. Relevant experience

    Real estate is a highly localized business. It’s crucial that the real estate agent you choose has plenty of experience dealing in your target market. Find a local specialist who’s on top of the latest market trends and community developments.

    A quick search online can reveal an agent’s most recent transactions in the area. If you can’t find anything, invite the candidates to an interview and ask them about the type of properties and the neighborhoods they specialize in. Don’t forget to ask about any sales they’ve made in the past three months or so.

  2. Excellent communication skills

    Communication is key when it comes to a successful client-realtor partnership. A good real estate agent knows how to guide clients through the buying or selling process with ease. He or she should also be able to represent you well in negotiations, open houses, and other situations where your voice and input are needed.

    Find someone who is proactive when it comes to updating you about the latest developments in your transaction. Somebody you’re comfortable with so you can freely express your real estate goals. A real estate agent who can patiently answer all of your questions in a concise manner. If you find yourself uncomfortable or unable to communicate clearly with a candidate, move on to the next one.

  3. Honesty and integrity

    It’s part of a real estate agent’s job to help you set realistic goals. This is why you should find an agent who isn’t afraid to be honest with you. Flattery and sugary words won’t help you achieve your desired end result, but a real estate agent who can keep your expectations in check and find alternatives will.

  4. Creativity

    You want a real estate agent who can think outside of the box. Buying a home? Your agent should have a couple of tricks up his or her sleeve to make your offer compelling. If you’re selling a home, your agent should have a variety of marketing strategies to make your property stand out.

    Creativity also extends to problem-solving skills. You want your real estate agent to be quick on their feet to come up with ingenious solutions throughout the buying or selling process.

  5. Great connections

    Having an agent who’s well-connected within the industry will make the whole buying or selling process easier. They can get you in touch with reputable professionals like lenders, builders, contractors, home inspectors, stagers, and the like to make your home purchase or sale run more smoothly.

Looking for real estate agents who have all these qualities and more? You’re in the right place. Get in touch with our team today for the best buying or selling experience in the Southern Oregon Coast.

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